Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stay Within The Lines...Or Not

Using nail art brushes is still new to me. I have for your viewing pleasure: stripes. As per usual, I need more practice!

Pink: Pure Ice - Flirt Alert
Black - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Black Out
Silver - Pure Ice - Silver Mercedes

You know how I love the matte coat! Essie - Matte About You

Maybe I'll use tape next time :)

Love, Bethany


  1. I love the color combo!! Tape is my best friend.

  2. I think it looks great. Maybe not super straight, but definitely funky in a good kind of way. I don't know if you follow Chloe's Nails, but she's got some very interesting tape stuff and a tutorial.

    1. Thanks! I do follow her...who wouldn't? She's incredible! I have a tape mani that I'll be putting up here soon. The lines are much better :)

    2. She really is! I can't wait to see what your tape design looks like. :D

  3. I really like matte nails, however I think that this example looks really nice glossy. Shows how completely different a set of nails can look though, just by giving it a different finish.


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