Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girly Girl Challenge Day 7: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

For this challenge I started with a nutmeg color for the "spice," then added some soft pink for the "everything nice."

Brown: OPI - Over The Taupe (2 Coats)
Pink: Julep - Penelope (3 Coats)
Top Coat: Seche Vite (this bottle is almost empty and even with Restore it's a pain to get onto the nail)

As it turns out, I don't like this brown. The application was perfect but the color just isn't me. 

This mani seems kind of blah. Oh well!

Love, Bethany


  1. I actually like the brown. It's a nice warm color.

  2. I really like the pink, but I agree with you about the brown. Sometimes it's hard for me to find a good brown.

  3. I like the color combination... Maybe if u did some dots of the opposite color it would spice it up :x

  4. I was thinking the same thing. Alternating accents like dots or bows or something would add interest. :)

  5. I like the colour combo too. I'm kinda being reminded of Neopolitan ice cream. Mmmm.

    Anyways the brown really is lovely and creamy. Sometimes colours just don't speak to us though.

  6. I didn't know over the taupe was so brown, I thought it had way more gray in it! I like where you were goin with this though!

  7. I agree with Polish Amor & Lizzy--some dots or stamping of the opposite color would pull this combination together nicely.

  8. Awww I like this color combo! I definitely think some nail art could pull the look together quite nicely.

  9. I like it! Maybe it wouldnt be so painful of a color if you added some pink polka dots or something to it, to soften it up =)


I appreciate all feedback!