Friday, March 9, 2012

For The Love of Grey

Guess what? My mom is getting married tomorrow! I'm the maid of honor (and the only bridesmaid)! I'll post my wedding manicure tomorrow if I have time. Here's some lovely grey:

Base: Essie - Chinchilly
Then a layer of: Spoiled - Paying With Platinum

Here is Chinchilly by itself:

This is only two coats. I think it would need three for full coverage. 

Grey is my favorite color of clothing! Do you like grey?

Love, Bethany


  1. This is a gorgeous color. Wow! And oh yes, I love grey. Works with everything. Also, congratulations to your mom!

  2. That is such a cute combo! I like grey.... in conjunction with other colors. lol Congrats for your mom! I hope it's a wonderful, magical, fantastical day for her.

  3. This is such a beautiful combo!! And have a great time at the wedding! (= Wishing the best!

  4. Very nice combo! Congrats to your mom, have fun!

  5. Nice combo :) I recently just found Spoiled nail polishes at the CVS near my house and brought home Shuffle The Deck...I'm a sucker for black glitter haha

    1. Black glitter is really cool! I know the one you're talking about; it looks awesome!

  6. I just loving playing with platinum :) Can't wait to see your manicure tomorrow, have fun at the wedding!

  7. I love both to be honest! It's like you've transformed a day to evening!


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