Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flakies Comparison

I used my last Julep here. It's a dark green jelly. The application was fine but it needs three coats to be opaque.

Base: Julep - Diane (3 coats)
Flakies on thumb, middle, and pinky: Zoya - Opal
Flakies on pointer: Finger Paints - Flecked
Flakies on ring: Finger Paints - Motley

Here it is with Essie - Matte About You:

Here is 3 coats of Diane by itself:

Anyone else hate the new blogger?

Love, Bethany


  1. 1) hate the new blogger. Can't find anything.
    2) you convinced me. Essie Matte About You on order.

  2. i just love flakies, great comparison they are all pretty much identical!! i think i have one of the fingerpaints. I am trying to get my hands on those multicolor flakies though! lol

  3. absolutely love them matted! great comparison!

  4. I really like the matted, which is kinda counter-intuitive for those sparkly flakies! Thanks for the comparison!

  5. I like all of them! I am not a huge fan of the new layout, but I am getting used to it now.

  6. When I started my little blog, it was already in the new interface so I can't say much for or against... sorry lol

    The flakies however - are SUPER WOW!!!
    I am such a fool for the matte and those flakies just give it such a brilliant look! I'm gonna get those fingerpaints soon!

  7. Your flakies are so pretty! Once I'm buying polish again I'm totally getting Opal. Or Flecked. Those look the same to me and I like the green. lol I'm getting used to the new layout..... slowly. :/

  8. Pretty!! Love the look of the different flakies ;0).

  9. Great comparison. And yes, I hated it but I've been using it awhile now and I'm getting used to it. But I miss my old bloggie!!

  10. Nice comparison! And I love the matte look on flakes! So cool! :D

    ~ Yun

  11. What new blogger? I refuse to click on the upgrade button so I am still on the old system-what are you talking about???? I never check back after I comment-can you tweet me? FPMjh


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