Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blue Comparison

I realized that I had three very similar blues, so I decided to do a comparison.

Pinky: Ulta - Blue Streak
Ring: Essie - Mezmerised (yes, they spell it incorrectly)
Middle: L'Oreal - Jet Set To Paris

Two Coats of each:

The Ulta took the longest to dry, by far. The L'Oreal was the quickest to dry. 

Here they are with Essie - Matte About You

For some reason the matte top coat seemed to go on best over the Ulta, but that may have been my imagination. I guess I need to get rid of two of these. This was my first time using L'Oreal polish and I was really pleased with it!

Do you see a difference?

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Love, Bethany


  1. Like the Essie the best. It looks richer for some reason to me. Love royal blue.

  2. lol You don't *need* to get rid of two. They're different! ;) Ok, I'd keep all three, but I'm a bit of a hoarder. If I had to pick one.... life or death.... I think the essie is actually my favorite of the three.

  3. I see a difference! The Ulta is clearly different but Essie has a touch more purple in it than the L'Oreal. I like them all - no getting rid of any of them!

  4. I see more of a difference when they have the matte topcoat. They are all pretty!

  5. I like the pinky color! I think you only should get rid of one the other ones.

  6. I like the color of the Essie the best!

  7. I'd keep L'Oreal b/c it dried fastest! ;-) Colorwise, I have to agree that I like the Essie best, but they are all really pretty!

  8. oh i love this color blue! I've been lusting after that essie for a while now....maybe it's time to go pick it up

  9. I like the Essie one the best. But I see what you mean about the Ulta one looking better with a matte topcoat.


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