Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is It Summer Yet?

I wanted something bright and happy this time. 

The pink and orange nail polishes were at least 8 years old and didn't even have names. The application was so horrible that I threw them out after I did my nails.

Yellow: NYC - Taxi Yellow Creme

Then I decided to make it punk by putting black crackle over it. 

Crackle: China Glaze - Black Mesh

Don't you wish summer was here?

Love, Bethany


  1. Aw look at your skittles! I'm super pumped to wear summer colors. I feel kinda weird wearing some of these brights in February.. but hey it's like 72 degrees where I live right now so I have an excuse!

  2. I want summer so bad! Your nails look great, such nice summer-colors. :)

  3. I am very ready for summer, just not the heat!!!! Mani looks great!


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