Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nail Polish Swap - Two Polishes!

I did a swap with the lovely Kate from This Charming Kate. I sent her OPI Steady As She Rose and a bottle of Seche Vite.

She sent me Barry M Racing Green and Kiko Pearly Chocolate Noir.

Barry M - Racing Green (2 Coats)

Kiko - Pearly Chocolate Noir
Top Coat - NYC Quick Dry

The formula for both polishes was perfect! I LOVE these colors. I especially love the Kiko. Isn't that a fabulous brown?

Thanks Kate!

Love, Bethany

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Round Nails

My daddy is home from the hospital. Of course there's still a long road of recovery ahead. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

On to the nails: I felt like round nails so I cut all my nails. Now I miss the square ones. Lol! This is the crackle that Lizzy sent me!

Base: Essence - Nude It
Then Essie - Matte About You (because I knew the crackle was going to dry matte)
Crackle: Nabi - Hot Pink

The essence polish bubbled. Sigh. But it's okay because the crackle covers it up!

Love, Bethany

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gold Comparison

The wonderful Lizzy send my Sinful Colors This Is It and I noticed that it was very similar to China Glaze Champagne Bubbles.

The difference is that the Sinful Colors has rainbow glitter and the China Glaze has silver.

Pointer and Ring: China Glaze - Champagne Bubbles
Middle and Pinky: Sinful Colors - This Is It

There's definitely a difference and I would probably pick the Sinful Colors, but I don't like either of them because the yellow looks weird with my skin. What do you think?

Love, Bethany

We Have A Winner!

The winner of my second giveaway is Melissa Renee from Passion For Polish!


A third giveaway will happen soon-ish. I have some polishes already purchased. It will be a "layering" giveaway with glitters and flakies and things! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Second Butter London!

This is the second Butter London polish that the lovely Abbie sent to me! 

Butter London - Bluey (2 Coats)
Top Coat: NYC - Quick Dry Top Coat

Isn't it pretty?

Love, Bethany

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ruby Heels Comparison

Can you see the difference between China Glaze - Ruby Heels and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Red Carpet?

Pointer and ring finger: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Red Carpet
Middle and Pinky: China Glaze - Ruby Heels

Cool, right?

Love, Bethany

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Franken Me

Here is my newest franken called Send Me Into Shock.

Send Me Into Shock (3 coats)
Top coat: Seche Vite

Base: William Tell Me About OPI (2 coats)
Then one coat of Send Me Into Shock
Top Coat: Seche Vite

What do you guys think?

Love, Bethany

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Big Nails You Have

I have for your viewing pleasure, Little Red Riding Hood nails!

Too many polishes to name, unless anyone wants to know one of the specific colors.

Do you like it?

Love, Bethany

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thank You Readers

Thank you all so much for your kind messages. Reading them really made me feel much better. I've caught up on my commenting and it was very therapeutic to just sit and look at nail pictures. It allowed me to turn off my brain for a few hours.

I have two jelly sandwiches for this post, one is bright and one is pale. I think the pale is the best.

Revlon - Plum Seduction
Glitter: Confetti - Tasmanian Devil

Ulta - Sweet Nothings
Glitter: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Bridal Veil

Love, Bethany

Facets of Fushia

This is a polish that is in my giveaway!

Revlon - Facets of Fushia (2 coats)
Top coat: Seche Vite

Isn't it lovely with that black jelly?

Love, Bethany

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Serious Post

My father had a stroke late Thursday night. He is still in the hospital. The doctors say that the effects will be permanent, although they may get better with time and therapy.

I will post and comment as often as I can but it may be awhile before I'll be back full time. I do have back-up pictures which I will post.

Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

Also, if any of you readers smoke, please think about quitting. My father had a heart attack in '99 and triple bypass surgery. He has had three transient ischemic attacks (mini strokes) and now a stroke. These were all caused by his smoking, which he has done since childhood.

Love, Bethany

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Favorite Red

Best red ever!

OPI - Vodka & Caviar (2 coats)
Top Coat - Seche Vite

Look at that jelly gorgeous-ness!

I kept this on for two days, a testament to how much I love it!

Love, Bethany

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My First Barry M + Layers

Abbie included a Barry M polish in my nail swap package. I love it! I definitely want more!

Barry M - Vivid Purple (2 coats)

I changed it up by layering!
Ring-Thumb: Zoya - Ki
Pinky: China Glaze - Luxe and Lush

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Love, Bethany

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Enter My New Giveaway!

So this was going to be my 100 follower giveaway but I surpassed 100 followers before my first giveaway ended. So it's just the 100+ giveaway. I hope everyone likes the prizes. You have a chance to win Whimsical and Cinderella again if you didn't the first time ;)

And the Nail Polish Goes To...

Sue from Creative Nail Design by Sue! Congratulations, you won the giveaway! I've already sent her an email.

I'm getting ready to post another giveaway. I just need to take pictures of all the polishes. Yay!

Love, Bethany

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Want to Be a Fairy Princess

Every year for Halloween when I was little, I dressed up as a "fairy princess." That's what I always wanted to be. So here are some fairy princess nails:

Base: Zoya - Marley
Glitter: Revlon - Whimsical
Top Coat: Seche Vite

I wish I had these nails when I was little! 

What were you guys for Halloween?

Love, Bethany

Monday, April 9, 2012

Craving Glitter

Lizzy and I must be soul mates because at the same time she was sending me Essence - Choose Me, I was buying it at Ulta! I now have two bottles of the stuff. I thought it needed a little more glitter, so I sponged some onto the tips (and by tips I mean almost 3/4 of the nail. Lol.).

Base: Essence - Choose Me
Glitter: Finger Paints - Art You Wondering
Top Coat: Seche Vite

I would wear this a lot if I was a mermaid!

Love, Bethany

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Sometimes, beautiful ladies give me blog awards. I do not like giving out awards because they are so much work. I already spend over an hour every day on my blog, so I don't want to do any more. However, I feel like it's unfair that I'm given awards and I don't acknowledge the ladies that gave them to me. So I will now introduce you readers to the ladies that have recently tagged me with an award!

First is Devilish Polish.
Check out her lady kisses mani. She free handed the kisses!

Next is Nails By Diana.
Check out her stunning franken!

Next is Abbie Nail.
Check out her subtle orange and red Design!

Last I have Superficialy Colorful.
Check out her pretty dot mani!

Okay, I hope that makes up for the fact that I don't do awards! <3

Love, Bethany

Easter Mani and NYC Quick Dry Top Coat Review

Happy Easter! Here is my Easter mani!

Base: On Ice (not sure what the name of the color is)
Sponged Pink: China Glaze - Sweet Hook
Sponged Mint: Wet n Wild megalast - I Need A Refresh-Mint
Top Coat: NYC - Quick Dry Top Coat

The NYC top coat dried very quickly and was very shiny! Maybe not as Seche Vite, but pretty close and $8 cheaper. 

Have you guys tried this top coat?

Love, Bethany

Friday, April 6, 2012

Who Am I? Tagged Questions

I was tagged for this by Abbie of AbbieNail and Lizzy of Lizzy's Place

The Rules:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and write 11 questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them to your tag and let them know.
4. No tag backs.

1. My favorite color is red. My favorite color of clothing is grey. My favorite color of nail polish is blue.

2. I haven't had naked nails since the beging of 8th grade

3. I wore a dress every day from age 5 to age 9 because I loved dresses.

4. I love moles (like Marylin Monroe's not like the animal) and freckles. I think they're sexy.

5. When I was little, I wanted to look like Snow White. It started because I'm incredibly pale and my mom told me I had skin like Snow White.

6. My top celebrity crushes right now are Alexander Scarsgard and Gemma Arterton. Liam Neeson and Marisa Tomei are close seconds.

7. I was born in Texas, then I moved to West Virginia, then to Rhode Island, and lastly North Carolina. I've moved a total of twelve times.

8. I hate thongs. They aren't sexy and they aren't comfortable. 

9. I have a dog named Daisy. She'll be 15 in July. I'm scared of her getting sick and dying because she's so old for a dog :(

10. I hate wearing shoes and as soon as I walk in the house, I'm barefoot.

11. My favorite type of love story is one where the characters can't admit (or don't realize) that they're in love until the end. I realized this in middle school, the first time I saw Clueless.

Question's from Abbie:
Look at her cute British phrases and spellings!

1. Where would you love to go on holiday (vacation)?
Venice, Italy
2. What's your favourite food?
Asian food! Lo Mein and Sushi!
3. Do you prefer the book or the film that's made from the book?
The Book
4. What is your favourite tv programme, if you watch tv that is!
All time favorite is probably Friends. But I have the full seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. I'm also addicted to Glee. Kurt is my favorite by far!
5. What is the one nail polish you would love to own if money was no object/ you could time travel and get it before it was sold out/discontinued?
Any and all Lynnderella polishes!
6. Who is your favourite Doctor (Doctor who obviously ;))? 
I've never watched Doctor Who. I do love the actor David Tennant. I've seen some of Torchwood though.
7. Do you prefer Summer or Winter?
Probably Summer but Autumn is my favorite season.
8. Do you have a favourite place in the world?
Yes, Old Sturbridge Village. It's in Massachusetts and it's a living history museum about the late 18th and early 19th century. It's so cool to see everyone dressed in those old clothes making butter and working the grist mill! I go there every summer when I visit my grandparents in MA.
9. Can you do any accents, even bad British is okay ;)
I can do accents, although some are better than others: British, spanish, french, and russia.
10. Do you know what a Chav is?
11. What is your favourite smell that isn't a perfume? 
Autumn leaves.

Lizzy's Questions:

1. Looking back, what is the most unusual thing you wanted to be when you grew up?
I never wanted to be anything unusual. Just a teacher.
2. What percent chance do you think there is that the world will end December 21, 2012?
3. Have you ever made a wish on something (dandelion, fountain, etc) and had it come true?
Yes. Anytime I wished on a star, fountain, eyelash I wished that I would find my future husband. I'm pretty sure that's my boyfriend, Nick. I'm normally not this ridiculously mushy.
4. How many socks do you think you've lost to the dryer monster in your lifetime?
Ugh at least 17.
5. If you could only pick one brand of polish to use the rest of your life (assuming all companies put out and/or took away colors at their regular intervals and accounting for discontinueds you can buy online), which company would you pick?
OPI all the way.
6. If you could dye your hair any color in the world without consideration for any other factor (staring strangers, job constraints, hair damage, etc) what color would you pick?
Hot pink. I had pink streaks a year ago and I miss them. It's so expensive to keep up though because they fade very quickly.
7. Do you have a solid bucket list? Or do you just have a vague "one day" kind of list?
No bucket list. If I want to do something, I do it. Although there are a couple things I can't do right now like go to Italy. I guess that's just a vague “one day” list.
8. Is there a method to your polish picking madness, or do you just grab whatever looks pretty when it comes time to paint?
No method to my madness!
9. If you could travel through time would you try to change the past, or would you peek into the future? Can only pick one! I would go to the past, but I wouldn't try to change anything.
10. What is your favorite nail art technique to personally use? JELLY SANDWICH
11. Do you sometimes think you spend too much time online, but are powerless to stop yourself from logging on? I probably do spend too much time online. I spend at least an hour everyday commenting on nail blogs. Lol. I could stop myself, but why??

I'm breaking rules 3 and 4 because I want to. 

My First Butter London

I had a big polish swap with the lovely Abbie from AbbieNail. I received a box with each nail polish individually wrapped in pretty paper and bubble wrap. I was like a little kid at Christmas opening each one! She included two Butter Londons which she did not particularly like because I asked to try them.

Here is the first (look at Abbie's post about this polish here)

Butter London - Snog (2 coats)

Abbie's main complaint with this polish was that the formula was runny. I agree that the formula is a bit runny, and I did flood my cuticles, but it didn't bother me too much. I blame myself for the flooding because I'm never as careful as I should be and thin formula means you have to be extra careful! As for the color: I love it! So bright!

What do you guys think about Butter London?

Love, Bethany

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Franken

Here is my newest franken. I've named it She's A Firecracker

She's A Firecracker (2 coats)
Top Coat: Seche Vite

What do you think?

Love, Bethany

Blue Comparison

I realized that I had three very similar blues, so I decided to do a comparison.

Pinky: Ulta - Blue Streak
Ring: Essie - Mezmerised (yes, they spell it incorrectly)
Middle: L'Oreal - Jet Set To Paris

Two Coats of each:

The Ulta took the longest to dry, by far. The L'Oreal was the quickest to dry. 

Here they are with Essie - Matte About You

For some reason the matte top coat seemed to go on best over the Ulta, but that may have been my imagination. I guess I need to get rid of two of these. This was my first time using L'Oreal polish and I was really pleased with it!

Do you see a difference?

Don't forget to enter my first giveaway!

Love, Bethany

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flakies Comparison

I used my last Julep here. It's a dark green jelly. The application was fine but it needs three coats to be opaque.

Base: Julep - Diane (3 coats)
Flakies on thumb, middle, and pinky: Zoya - Opal
Flakies on pointer: Finger Paints - Flecked
Flakies on ring: Finger Paints - Motley

Here it is with Essie - Matte About You:

Here is 3 coats of Diane by itself:

Anyone else hate the new blogger?

Love, Bethany

Sinful Colors

I have a Sinful Colors mani today!

Blue: Sinful Colors - Cinderella

Green: Sinful Colors - Olympia

Orange: Sinful Colors - Luminary

Top Coat: Seche Vite

This was my first time using these colors and I love them all!

Love, Bethany

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Giveaway

It's time for my first giveaway! This one is a small one, but I'll have a bigger one when I reach 100 followers!

Giveaway includes Revlon - Whimsical and Sinful Colors - Cinderella

Thanks to Lizzy from Lizzy's Place for finding me a Whimsical!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Here's my newest crackle mani:

Base: Ulta - High Roller 
Crackle: China Glaze - Crushed Candy

Love, Bethany

Prom Nails

I'm calling these "prom nails" because I wore the base color to my Junior Prom 5 years ago. It matched my dress!

The picture is different because I was in the car on an 8 hour drive to Akron. Sorry it's not as good as my others!

Base: Revlon - Limited Edition Bronze Ablaze (2 coats)
Glitter: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - White Veil (1 coat)

Yay for prom!

Btw, am I the only one that thinks it's strange that inexpensive polishes have limited editions?

Love, Bethany

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Holo

I am back home! My dotting tools and a package from Lizzy at Lizzy's Place were waiting for me! Yay!

Here is my newest holo!

OPI - DS Extravagance (2 coats)
Top Coat: Seche Vite

OMG I love it! Do you?

Love, Bethany